Audio excerpts

Ferryboat (Nicolas Wiese & Claudia Van Hasselt).  Excerpt duration 1:43
Sources: Underwater recordings (Ferry harbor Mariehamn/Åland) and on-deck recording (Swedish-Finnish ferry)


Lost Connection II (Claudia Van Hasselt & Ferdinand Breil).  Excerpt duration 1:56
Sources: various location recordings, voice of Carina Karlsson (writer/storyteller from Åland), C. Van Hasselt (singing)


Ruttnar (Nicolas Wiese & Claudia Van Hasselt).  Excerpt duration 0:45
Sources: Movement and friction of ice plates before melting (Hydrophone recordings on Åland)


Radio program ‚The Rest Is Music‘ on Cashmere Radio (August 2023), interview conducted by Nico Daleman (in German)