Audio excerpts

Ferryboat (Nicolas Wiese & Claudia Van Hasselt).  Excerpt duration 1:43
Sources: Underwater recordings (Ferry harbor Mariehamn/Åland) and on-deck recording (Swedish-Finnish ferry)


Lost Connection II (Claudia Van Hasselt & Ferdinand Breil).  Excerpt duration 1:56
Sources: various location recordings, voice of Carina Karlsson (writer/storyteller from Åland), C. Van Hasselt (singing)


Ruttnar (Nicolas Wiese & Claudia Van Hasselt).  Excerpt duration 0:45
Sources: Movement and friction of ice plates before melting (Hydrophone recordings on Åland)


Radio program ‚The Rest Is Music‘ on Cashmere Radio (August 2023), interview conducted by Nico Daleman (in German)


Radio 1 Interview (August 2023)